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09-06-2005, 09:28 PM
Thanks for hosting the Liquid Force trip across america tour this past labor day weekend. We had a great time.

Those riders are awesome! It was great to take a ride and get some tips from them, too!

Sterling is a very nice marina on Lake Wallenpaupack in the poconos.
Great showroom, ski and wakeboard shop and service facility.
They even repaired someones boat that was having impeller problems on sunday, got them back in the water in about 1 hour! Now that, my friends is service!

Best of luck to Brian, Craig and Ryan at Sterling! Mastercraft should be proud to have such good representation of their product in this area!

Dave W.

09-07-2005, 10:32 PM
Thanks Dave. As I said in my other post to Jimmy G., we are grateful for everyone's participation. We took it as a real special opportunity to host the Liquid Force TAA and tried to make the most of it. We did a lot of advertising including radio, internet and print and I was really pleased with the live radio broadcast on Saturday from the marina, and the live band on Sunday. I hope everybody had a good time. Using smiles as a barometer from the people I pulled behind our new '06 X-Star, I think it was a winner!

Thanks again to everyone who attended. And if you didn't make it this year, we'll be sure to post details of future events on this site so you can try to make our 2006 events. Hopefully they'll just get bigger and better!

Brian Wiele
Sterling Marina


Hey Dave, you failed to mention that the boat we serviced broke down in the middle of our most busy time of that day, and it wasn't even a MasterCraft (but rather, a Moomba!). They're great people and we're glad we were able to get them back on the water quickly.