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When you say torque I assume you mean acceleration or pull. And yes, i know you do not want to hear this but you are against you limits. If you want more speed you will need more power after all the relationship between power to speed is not linear. to double your speed you need 4 times more power (according the equations for drag)

There are several factors going on here but essentially what you are going is matching the "tire size" and "gear ratio" to the weight, HP and aerodynamic drag of you car.

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My 1995-1997 hull (1999 sportstar) really likes the acme 13x12 3blade 541. I was running the 13x12.5 4blade (forgot the acme number) and bill told me the the 541 would give me the same torque with about 1.5 more mph. So the 4 blade is my back up

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Oh and have 1.1 tranny

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I also have an '88 Tristar 190 351W that has just had the heads replaced (upgraded? yeah I know I paid too much for the heads) with GT-40's, the rest is stock.
I'm still running the original OEM Federal 13x13 3 blade. At last outing, which has been a couple weeks now, I was getting 4400 rpm and 43 mph (boat speedos) [4400 rpm and 44 mph by GPS] at WOT. I've since cleaned up and lubed distributor, went thru the fuel system from tank to carb. checking and cleaning things, replaced all filters, secondaries etc. Haven't had it out yet to check the performance, but I feel I'm probably at, or very close to, the limit as well. Oh yeah, I did wipe the prop with some 3M polish, maybe that will give a bump;)
Thanks for doing alot of homework on props. If I want to upgrade the prop. all I need do is make a selection! Thanks for posting all the stats. as it saves alot of time and effort.

Miss Rita
10-16-2012, 02:04 PM
I'll add my two cents: my '89 TriStar with stock 351 and OJ 13x13 runs GPS-verified 42 mph @ 4200 rpm at 4600 feet altitude.

Looks like a 541 is in my future.

10-18-2012, 12:12 PM
The 541 or 543? (13x11.5) are brutes!
My LT-1 PS 190 was night and day difference with the 13x11.5 cnc Acme compared to the OE OJ 13x13 3 blade and waaaaaaaay smoother. I didn't lose any top end and while I bought it for high altitude performance it worked as well (better) at low alt. No over revving (maybe my ECM controlling that??) and out of the hole like a dragster.

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thanks for this info ,greatly appreciate it , cheers

my tristar does 43-44 at 4400 with a 13x13

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bump hey James what prop are u still using any more info to add to your thread ?


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