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10-01-2012, 03:05 PM
I am looking into adding some type of Speed Control to my '88 prostar. I understand there are several types/models/makes on the market and I was looking for advice and recommendations for this add on.
Additionally, does anyone have something for sale?

88 PS190
10-01-2012, 08:05 PM
You actually don't have that many options these days.

You need a unit that has a servo to control the throttle, at the moment the two main products are:

Perfect Pass

Zero Off.

PP has many options depending on what you want to do. ZO is one option and it doesn't work for your boat, as it requires a digital engine management system.

Perfect Pass Summary;
PP Cruise - ~675 - this is not really a "waterski based" ski system, it is simply set an RPM and it holds it. So if you are doing sports that exist around the "planing" speed of the boat, like trick or wakeboard, or possibly tubes, surfing etc, this system has no way of knowing that the boat is slowing down or speeding up so long as the engine is holding rpm (which is will be).

PP Digital Pro - The three event RPM/Paddle wheel based system. At high speeds (above plane) this system holds your speed by doing RPM based pulls, because you can time the boat reliably in the course (ball to ball/overall course times) you can set up your rpm to deliver accurate pull times, the boat really does not know how fast it is going, so it is more of an art, and people usually have numbers they use for skiers to keep times. At lower speed (trick) it is a paddle wheel system that reads the speed of water under the hull and adjusts speeds. Can surge or other things at some speeds, so knowing how to configure the boat is important, paddle wheel requires drilling a hole.

PP Stargazer (wakeboard) - Stargazer as the name implies is the GPS based version of PP, this system utilizes GPS signal to correct speeds, as such it provides more of a true "speed" pull. The wakeboard version will hold accurate low end speeds, and has a "slalom mode" for higher speed work, with this you have essentially the same RPM based slalom pulls, but you can calibrate it off the GPS to get your speed instead of timing balls - this system does not allow you to time off "magnet switch" - magnets hung in the course that pull a sensor in the boat triggering the timer so the system knows when you pass boat guides/gates.

PP Stargazer three event is the full 3 event ski package, this is the one that if you like to slalom ski in a course you would buy now.

Of course you need the version with the servo, the module, the gauge, and wiring. You can go used, so long as it is a gauge, module, wiring, and servo system. If it is a system that doesn't have the servo won't work.

There are also optionals - gate switches, paddle wheels, ZO box (acts like zero off).

10-01-2012, 08:35 PM
88ps190 which one do you have on your boat?

88 PS190
10-01-2012, 10:14 PM
At the moment I have not installed one in this boat.

I've used most of them, and all have merits. I'm a bit reluctant to stall a 1400$ speed control in the 88 for what my family does with it.

And if I can find access to a lake where I'll do more course skiing, and have more days of usable water/year - I'll buy a different boat.