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09-24-2012, 08:23 PM

New to me boat. I replaced the factory center ballast sac with a Fly High tube sac. I went to fill it up it pumped water and air in the bag and it wasn't venting the air. I work out of town all week and only have weekends to diagnose this issue. I want to get this resolved but don't want to waste a ton of time figuring it out.


The factory ballast system has three hoses, two on the top, and one down low. I think, the hose down low pumps the water out. I think, one on the top pumps the water in, and one is the vent. The new Fly High sac has two ports on the top and one on the end. I purchased extra hose and quick connects for the new fly high bag. I connected the new hose to the old hose with this. http://www.wakemakers.com/hose-barb-union-fitting.html

Quick Diagnose...

I watched the bag fill for the first time and took note of the hose that was moving. The bag pumped full of water and tons of air, to the point of filling up the compartment. I disconnected the other hose and tried to blow through the hose. The hose wouldn't allow any air out so assuming I diagnosed the correct hose, it had blockage.

Any ideas on diagnosing the issue and possible solutions?

09-24-2012, 11:00 PM
How do you have the hoses running on the new bag? Are you using 90 elbows on the Fly high fittings. What Fly high sac do you have in there?

I am guessing that when the sac fills its pinches the line and wont alllow the air out. You could have a blockage in the line tho too.

Did you try blowing out the other line? You may have possibly grabbed the wrong line and spliced the fill line. It has a check valve so it won't allow you to blow backwards down the line. turn on the fill pump and see if its filling from the bow portion of the sac. IF so the air pocket may not be getting to the vent line since its ore towards the rear. Without knowing exactly where your ports are on the new sac I am kind of just guessing here. The vent on your boat vents out the passenger side right below the windshield. You can see it from under the observers seat up by the rub rail along the outside wall. The empty line emptys on the driver side just under the windshield right under the bilge empty port. If there is a blockage start there and unhok it from the nipple. Blow in there and see if it flows through. If so then its not blocked.

An easy way to get a better view of which is the vent and which is the fill line is to open the drain plug access hatch(little black disc in the floor) Lift up from inside the access on the floor section and wiggle it a bit and the floor will raise up from the front edge. With it just above the lip of the floor(keeping as level as possible) wiggle it towards the bow and it will slide out from under the rear center portion of the back bench and viola. Instant access to all the hoses, pumps, and fuel tank in a matter of seconds. No need to unbolt anything.

09-25-2012, 01:37 PM

Here is the bag
with two 90 degree quick connects on the two top ports and a straight quick connect on back lower port.

Here is a pic I took last weekend. The bag is wodded up some from me looking around. Looking at the picture, the right hose is attached to the top front port and the left hose (driver side) is attached to the top back port. The hose not in view is attached to the back lower side of the bag.

I didn't try the other line but will. I will aslo confirm the fill line is attached to the top back port.

Thanks for the help. I will do some more diagnosing when I get home Friday.

09-25-2012, 02:09 PM
I'm not sure what the differences are between 2000 and 2002, but on my KGB the bottom connector is the fill/drain, and both top connectors are vents (one to port thru-hull, one to stbd thru-hull). Not sure if that helps or not... ;)

09-25-2012, 02:26 PM
I'm not sure what the differences are between 2000 and 2002, but on my KGB the bottom connector is the fill/drain, and both top connectors are vents (one to port thru-hull, one to stbd thru-hull). Not sure if that helps or not... ;)
I think they had aerator pumps in 2000, so the fill and drain are separate lines. In 2002, they went to reversible pumps. My 2003 is setup the same as your 2002. I removed the rear vent from the sac that went to the starboard side thru hull and used it for a forward bilge.

09-25-2012, 04:13 PM
Figured that was the bag as its used as a replacement by some.

Well there are two problems with that bag. When you are getting the air pocket and its not venting is the bag completely full? It should bulge your locker door open. If you don't get the bag completely full and have it bulging the locked door up the air pocket is going to be next to impossible to get out. It's because the air pocket most likely floats towards the bow portion of the bag and away from the vent port. The only way to get that air pocket out is to keep filling the bag to its max and letting the water fill up the air space. Obviously that's the entire premise for the vent line.

The problem occurs when the bag isn't completely filled to its max in this case. There is not enough pressure to make the air pop out if the bag isn't getting completely full. The other issue is that the locker door gets pushed up well before the bag gets completely full because the ports and fittings are on the top of the bag.

I can tell you from numerous people who have tried to use that bag the best way to go about it is to just fill it completely with just the fill line and attach it to the bottom port, or use an outside pump and cap off the top vents and leave the empty line attached to the bottom port and leave it full. You will never see all 350lbs unless you do it this way. At max you are getting 275-300 before the door pops up. You can try and stand on the bag and force the air out but it won't get all the air out unless again the bag is complete full. The other option is to order a custom sac directly from fly high with the ports on the rear side like the original factory bag. It will get you a solid 400lbs. It's not cheap when compared tivthe tube sac but almost everyone who has tried thdctibe sac has gone with a custom sac after a month or two. Especially if tou do a quick search on the board. That's the only way to get it back working properly without the floor buldging or having an air pocket.

Even with all that said check the vent line to make sure it's not blocked.

As far as the 2002 ballast system. That was the first year they switched to reversible pumps. So you will have s single fill/ drain line and one vent line. In 99-2000. Center KGB was only option offered with aerator pumps, 2001 they offered rear ballast and KGB. All with aerators. 2002. Again rear n center, but reversible pumps.

09-25-2012, 11:43 PM
When you are getting the air pocket and its not venting is the bag completely full? Yes, full of air and water. I filled it to where it was bulging and felt like it might pop if I filled it anymore.

I want to say that I might have put the fill line closer to the bow section and the vent closer to the back.

I appreciate the detailed feedback!! Any ideas on the cost of a custom sac?

Looking forward to getting this figured out. I will say that the wake was beyond my expectations. I won't fork out the money for a new star right now and I don't feel like I'm compromising at all with this wake. Much better than the SAN'S and Bu's of similar years.

09-26-2012, 01:04 AM
It's around 350 I believe. However Wakemakers .com has custom sacs now on behalf of fly high and they have a teamtalk coupon code for 10% off.

If you search the forum I posted the exact dimensions somewhere. Off the top of my head it was a cylinder shape. 80 long by 12 inch diameter. I will try and find it

09-26-2012, 01:26 AM
Confirmed locker sac is 75 x 10. The locker is actually 80 x 12 but you want room for the end fittings and a little for expansion. Pretty sure if you call fly high they will also verify the measurements as they have done at least 10 custom locker sacs I know if for this boat. They also were the supplier for the original all the way to the end of the hull in 2012. But the vents are different in the newer factory bags from MC due to reversible pumps. Only way to get our hands on this sac with the ports on the end is to get it custom

Corrected my typo. And Dang. Talk about a price increase

09-26-2012, 12:17 PM
80x10x10 are the dimensions wakemakers had on file for the custom ski locker sac. I was quoted $450 for it.

09-26-2012, 02:30 PM
My bag from fly high was 75X10 on their recommendation.

09-26-2012, 11:37 PM
Awesome, Thanks for all the info. I will report back in a few day with findings!