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09-05-2012, 04:30 PM
I've been trying to help find a used boat for my brother in law. He's almost entirely a wakesurfer now with a bit of mixed wakeboarding and slalom in there. His budget is in the low $20s. We been looking around and we were thinking a late 90's Maristar or X2 would be in that range. Haven't seen too much come up yet but did run across this on 99 Maristar for $23.5. Very low 280 hour boat which would seem great. I went to look at it today and this is what I found.....

Various dock scratches. Nothing really bad that couldn't be filled, buffed and sanded.
Plastic in gauge cluster has some minor cracks and one chip.
No radio as it's broke and out of the boat.
Trailer needs tires and there was no brake fluid in master cylinder.
Trailer was faded, fenders discolored and it has surface rust in areas.
Interior had no rips or tares but needs a detail.
Engine was super clean.
Prop and running gear all looked in order and bottom of the boat was perfect.

So, is this a good deal or am I just too picky as to what I think a boat priced like this should look like. For this price I'm thinking it should look like new and the trailer should not need any work. I know I could have this boat looking like new over the course of a year but there's still some cash that would need to be invested to get it where it needs to be. NADA (which I don't put a lot of trust in) says the boat is worth $16.5 without trailer which I'm thinking should add no more than $2K to the price. I'm thinking this boat in this condition should be priced more like $20 - $22.

09-05-2012, 04:49 PM
We got ours for 12k from family :) it had a tower, 2axle trailer, 300hrs, all service, and in great shape, I figured it was worth at least 20...but resale would depend on your area more than anything I would guess

09-05-2012, 04:53 PM
I would consider a going -on 14 year old trailer to be in good shape if all it needed wsa tires and some brake work. Not everyone has trailers that look like Sodars!
From the limited close ups, the boat looks to be in good to great shape. If those scratches are representative of the scratches all over the boat then I wouldn't get too wound up over that either. Black is a completely different animal than white wrt scratches.
I had a white boat that looked great for years, period. Never fussed with minor scratches becuase you could hardly see them. My 06, I made the PO have it polished out before I bought it becuase you could see alot of scratches and I can say that after 100+ hrs of well cared for use, I can see as many or more scuffs on it, again. Yes they'll all buff out, but that black gel get's visibly scratched if anything so much as touches it.

If the rest of it checks out and that's low hrs. Assume it's a LTR motor? That's a good asking price, for spring time. This time of year I'm with you, about $20k.

FWIW, there's an 06 X2 just went up on CL Seattle today for $33k. Needs some attention acoording to the add, but might be a real good deal if your bro could up his budget.

09-05-2012, 04:54 PM
Price seems in the ballpark for a boat like you described maybe a little high but not that far off. I would offer him what you think it's worth and see what happens.

09-05-2012, 05:19 PM
Bought this about 1 month ago. 1998 Marastar 225 Sport with 355 hours. Back sundeck has some small tears in the material, other than that very good shape inside and out including the trailor. Has the 340 HP LT-1 engine, paid $18,500.00 for it. I'd say the price is a little high, especially since the summer is about over (not the best time to sell as a rule). If you like the boat, make an offer...all he can say is no.

09-05-2012, 05:21 PM
Hey bill what exactly does the sport model have?

09-05-2012, 05:33 PM
$23.5 is pushing it for him. So we'll keep this one in mind but we're not in a hurry. The guy came off adamant about the price and said he was firm on what he wanted.

The boat has the standard motor for that year and if it wasn't September I'd be more inclined to give him the money.

Just got off the phone with another prospect. Waiting on pictures but this one is a 2001 Maristar 210 with 277 hours. It's had a couple of the cushions replaced due to the seems splitting but looks to be in better overall shape. The trailer on this one was stored inside and has very little rust. I'm told the brakes were just done in the spring and it has a spare tire. It's currently listed at $23.9 but was told it needs to go before November and the owner is looking to get $20. A lot of unknowns but I'm thinking I'd be more inclined to invest in a newer boat for less money even if I had to put a new interior in it for $3K - $4K. I'm thinking this one might be worth more in the long run. The other thing I liked about this one is it had the switch plates for ballast should he want to install something that looked similar to stock.

09-05-2012, 05:49 PM
Hey bill what exactly does the sport model have?

Rather than the "lounge" seating, it has a bucket seat as an observers seat. The back seat wraps around the sides somewhat, but not like the lounge seats do. We have had 10 people in it since we bought it, 5 adults and 5 kids, along with all their "stuff" with plenty of room to spare. We're used to ProStar 190's, much more room/storage in this boat.

09-05-2012, 11:55 PM
Didn't know there was a MariStar 200 in '99. Thought '99 should be a 210VRS.

I bought my '98 200VRS LT1 last fall for $16,500, 113 hours and near mint. Trailer had a cracked fender, and the color is an unappealing (to me) purple. Other than that, a very nice boat. I think the seller is being unrealistic.

09-06-2012, 10:03 AM
sounds pretty high for that boat. i'd value it more in the teens, especially if it has the base motor which was the predator (310hp IIRC) and not the LTR (330hp). 01 or greater will get him the updated interior and a split sun deck. if he's into surfing, he'd likely have to replace the stock ballast, so no biggie there but adding a tower and PP will add alot of money to an already overpriced boat.

09-06-2012, 10:51 AM
IMHO its a 17k-18k boat all day.

09-06-2012, 11:27 AM
According to the guy it is a 330HP engine. It didn't look like anything special like the Corvette engine.
The more I think about it $20K is the tops I'd go especially this time of year and the fact that we don't have to do this right away.

So here's the next one. 2001 Maristar 210 that I mentioned in this thread above. It has the early 2000 interior issue with splitting seams and looks like the guy parked the trailer using the braille method. I'm told I could get this one for about $20K. Once again a bunch of work but still a decent boat to start with. My biggest concerns here are the dollars to do the interior and cover.

09-06-2012, 11:32 AM
I bought my 98 225 for $15.5k but spent $3k getting it back after a 5yr sit of non use.

09-06-2012, 11:44 AM
I don't know about that 2nd boat either. It seems to have several cosmetic issues. Here is the way I look at that, if the boat wasn't taken care of cosmetically, was it taken care of mechanically? My wife and I looked for about 3 months before we landed on what we thought was a nice boat for a decent price. They're out there, no need to settle for something that just isn't quite right.

09-06-2012, 11:45 AM
Didn't know there was a MariStar 200 in '99. Thought '99 should be a 210VRS.

I bought my '98 200VRS LT1 last fall for $16,500, 113 hours and near mint. Trailer had a cracked fender, and the color is an unappealing (to me) purple. Other than that, a very nice boat. I think the seller is being unrealistic.

Sounds like you got a great boat for a great price. Shoot, purple wouldn't bother me a bit.

09-06-2012, 05:40 PM
Price for the first boat is definitely a little high. Check your pms

09-06-2012, 06:20 PM
Punch that guy in the face for not respecting the mastercraft!

09-06-2012, 09:51 PM
I was thinking of letting mine go, and look at upgrading. 2000 Maristar 230 VRS New dimension tower installed last year. $26,500 Once again a couple small tears in seats which I understands is a problem with the 2000 boats, but it's a great looking boat and the seat tears are pretty minor.