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09-05-2012, 07:06 AM
I've made the decision that I'm going to sell my boat this off season. 6 years of virtually problem-free boating, my maristar has been a heckuva boat. Going to drop it off at the dealership today to have them sell it for me as I just don't have the time/bandwidth to sell it myself, plus I think they'll get a lot of foot traffic that I would never see on my own.

Spent the evening last night detailing her up for the last time...Anyone else going through the torment of should I sell it or keep it this year? I just have a gut feeling that now is the right time to sell the boat as I don't want to own 2 boats again...that's just a little scary on the wallet. Trying to figure out what to buy for the 2013 season...hoping to find a good deal on an X15 once mine sells. Anybody wanna buy a '98 Maristar 225?


09-05-2012, 07:13 AM
Haven't had to go through the selling process yet. I have a 2000 Maristar 210. First boat I've owned, kids learned to ski with it and more memories than I could have ever imagined obtaining. I plan on keeping it for a long time and will dread when it's time to part.

Good luck with the sale.

09-05-2012, 07:44 AM

Will take yours on trade!!!

09-05-2012, 08:31 AM
tradin in is the way to go. i drove my X2 down to cinci mc one weeknight, unhitched it, was sad for 10 minutes while doing paperwork, hitched back up to my xstar, and was happy again.

09-05-2012, 08:46 AM
Looks good. Best of luck with the sale.

09-05-2012, 09:17 AM
I will completely agree with the "sad to see her go" feelings. The wife cried and I got a little misty eyed when we sold the 96 PS 190 about a month ago. We did get a sweet deal on a 2012 X15 though so it wasn't like we were taking the water out of our lives completely.

09-05-2012, 09:53 AM
Transition from one boat to another can be tough. Good luck.

09-05-2012, 10:03 AM
I've really grown to love my S&S this season. I think when it comes time that I want, and can afford, a newer boat, I'll probably try my best to keep the S&S around. Looking at it sitting in the slip at table rock last weekend next to a newer x30 really made me want to keep it around. It really is like the old muscle car of boats.

09-05-2012, 10:24 AM
Time for something shiny and new? Or something you didn't like about the Maristar 225 that you hope to get with the x15? Hopefully you are not trading away 'problem free'!

09-05-2012, 01:54 PM
It's a beautiful boat! I'm sure the new owner will enjoy it as much as you have over the years. It's always a sad day to get rid of something that has been almost like a family member...until its replacement arrives. Good luck!

09-05-2012, 02:07 PM
Time for something shiny and newer...loved the boat!!! Would really like to have Perfect Pass and a Heater in whatever boat comes next...priority #1 is to sell this first, then I get to go "shopping" :-)

09-05-2012, 02:18 PM
We drove by this weekend and Stengl Marine in Minocqua WI has this '11 in stock. I think it's a new leftover but ICBW:

Could be worth a phone call at least. Here's the link to more pics:

Good luck either way.

SP Maristar
09-05-2012, 02:52 PM
As the proud new owners of a 98 200VRS purchased at the beginning of the summer, you can know how appreciative the next owner will be to find your well maintained boat. We found our boat on Craigslist and knew before arriving to see it that it would be coming home with us. I'm sure your old friend will be with some new friends very soon.

09-06-2012, 07:34 AM
Good luck with the sale! Tough to let an old friend go...