View Full Version : Predator wont rev up

09-03-2012, 11:30 PM
Today i took my 04 X2 out of the slip and it chugged and jumped a little bit. it was low on fuel, so i put 1/2 tank in and went wakeboarding for a few hours. no problems wake boarding.

Then on the way home i was cruising across the lake (20-25 MPH) and it started bogging and wouldnt stay revved up, and i slowed down off plane . I went down to idle and it idled fine. it would then behave normal for a bit, get back up to speed for about 30 seconds, then bog out again. never dies just wont rev up and i can't get passed 6-7 MPH. i limped back to my dock, engine bogging and creating a rattle in the boat. Check engine light comes on and then back off when it idles for a bit.

I had an issue with water getting in the gas tank, but there was no water in it today. was thinking of changing the fuel filter, but wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas? thanks in advance.