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09-03-2012, 10:40 PM
Well, as far as the boat goes, it was a good weekend. I got the boat out Saturday morning and started to do some maintenance that was overdue. I first changed the impeller which was a first for me and a pretty easy task once I got it loose. The old one had two fins that had started to rip, so it is a good thing I changed it when I did.

I also had a coolant hose that was damaged from a rivet that was popped out on the engine cover. Once I hammered the rivet back in, I was able to cut the damaged part of the hose off and place it back with no issue. Is that normal for the pump and inside of the hose to have what appears to be rust residue on the inside walls? See below. BTW, I called MC to see if they had a new hose in stock and they had to contact Indmar and they did not have one either. It is two different diameters on each end and will not be an easy one to locate at an auto parts store either.

I also was able to reset and calibrate my Perfect Pass and get it running much better in RPM mode, but still not on the wakeboard mode. It really is jumpy trying to keep the speed. I tried adjusting the NN and KDW, with no noticeable change. One other thing that happened when I reset it, was that I lost the trick and magnet mode. I only have Slalom, RPM and wakeboard mode, which is fine, bc those are the three I would use most. I would however, like to find out how to get the other two back if at all possible.

Lastly, before I left this afternoon, I was able to get my second speedo up and running. Not that I was lost without it, but it is nice to get it working. There was just a small piece of trash in the paddle and I was able to get it out with a small needle. I did notice that the stock speedo was a little slow to get up to speed and seems to float back down too. Is this normal?

Not to mention the fact that the wife is happy with the recent purchase of the boat bc now we can comfortably get the whole family and some friends in the boat at the same time, which was not possible with the Sea Doo Speedster 150. When the wife is happy, that makes for a much more enjoyable weekend in itself.

Now I just have to get a pump to get out all the fluids. Does anyone have any recommendations?


09-03-2012, 11:22 PM
Pictures or it didnt happen...........;)