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08-30-2012, 09:36 PM
So, I have been telling my wife for a few years about how awesome Lake Cumberland and houseboat trips can be. Sneaky girl planned a trip for my 30th bday in early August. We drove from NC, and some family and friends met us there from SC and OH. She was able to keep the guest list a secret until we pulled into the boat ramp. Needless to say... It was the best birthday ever... Killer water, awesome family, and great friends. Tied up in a cove with a slalom course and had it to ourselves all week.

Double D
08-30-2012, 09:55 PM
Very cool!! My wife hasn't figured that out yet... We need to have your wife talk to my wife!!

I bet Mark and Jeff made it a great ski week!! Great guys!!

08-30-2012, 10:05 PM
We even had a special visit from Raphil mid week. When I pulled in and saw a big diesel sitting at the bottom of the boat ramp and knew who was there. It was awesome. I wouldnt have done it any different if I planned it myself. I am a lucky guy. Wife is in the 1st pic and 6th pic on the left.

08-31-2012, 12:12 AM
Houseboating just plain rocks! If you are lucky the cell phones wont even work in your cove. Great pics. Love the double surfing. What boat?

08-31-2012, 12:27 AM
Very cool. We hope to get back out on a houseboat in the near future... They're a blast.

08-31-2012, 07:09 AM
It was a great time despite the concussion the morning of the last day (and of course the one someone else got the first day)! Hats off to OHpage21's wife for setting it all up, no small task and for putting up with all of the guys....again, no small task! Great people and thanks again for having us, hope to do it again soon....without the concussion.

08-31-2012, 08:06 AM
For sure a keeper!! I hope you made her a sammich for being such a great wife!

08-31-2012, 08:41 AM
Houseboating just plain rocks! If you are lucky the cell phones wont even work in your cove. Great pics. Love the double surfing. What boat?

Trip was amazing. Boat is a 2006 X9. Factory ballast and some people in the back.

08-31-2012, 09:19 AM
Very cool!

08-31-2012, 09:22 AM
Great trip and even better wife.:toast:

08-31-2012, 09:37 AM
Sounds like my kind of vacation. I wish my wife would do the same for me some day too.

08-31-2012, 09:39 AM
We were there the second week of august and we rented from state dock as well. It is surely the best way to spend time on the water!

08-31-2012, 10:06 AM
Very cool. I've never done the houseboat thing, but it looks fun!

08-31-2012, 11:56 AM
Awesome man... sitting at Cumberland as we speak! Best place on earth. You have a special wife and friends, keep'em around.

08-31-2012, 12:37 PM
Awesome! Cumberland is so great. We haven't been there in a few years, looks like its time to go.

08-31-2012, 01:22 PM
i recognize 76 falls ... haven't been there is almost 20 years but its still gorgeous

you have a keeper there!

08-31-2012, 01:23 PM
My 30th is next year. Do you think your wife can get in touch with mine to fill my wife's head with a few ideas!?!?

08-31-2012, 01:28 PM
My 30th is 11 years past, but I've never had a surprise birthday party and definately nothing like that. Can your wife fill my wife's head with ideas like that too please?