View Full Version : Ahh, v drive success!

08-30-2012, 02:24 PM
So last year I replaced seals un hurth tranny (2000 xstar) I got it done in about a day and it was technically easy but everything was a bugger to get off and re aligning the tranny onto the engine/bell was gnarly. I should have put on a brand new shaft nut because last weekend the nut failed and my shaft fell out of the coupler all together. So that is back in action now.

Here is what I am so happy about:
A. Shaft was reinstalled and I was able to perfectly align and center the shaft adjusting the forward trans/engine mounts.

B. A year after replacing and days sitting doing nothing and still when I remove tranny dip stick I get a nice hiss of air pressure. Seals are air/water tight. Phew... Could not have done this without Team Talk forum, thanks!!