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08-29-2012, 10:09 PM
Hey guys. The person who wrote the attached email, Christy, has been a friend of mine for well over 6 plus years. We hang out on and off and I have been there as much as I can for her in these past weeks. I also knew her friend Franca, hung out with her some, very nice person. France suffered from all this and has no insurance and has a long road of recovery ahead of her. This is a great community here and I know that if I throw this up at a bare minimum I can get some more prayers headin her way. Read the email, check out the website...

Thanks Guys....

Dear Friends,

Recently my best friend, Franca, of over 11 years suffered from a brain aneurysm, which then caused her to suffer from a stroke. Franca was found by her friends, who discovered her conscious on her apartment floor but unable to move or speak. Franca was then rushed to Ohio State’s trauma center where she endured life threatening brain surgery. A second surgery was then followed and in a week she will have to undergo an additional surgery.
Franca was the type of girl who would do anything for anybody. There were many times that I just needed a shoulder to lean on and she was there for me. I can say without any hesitation that she would do anything for me. Therefore, from this point on I am making it my mission to do anything and everything I can for her. After all, it was her 25th birthday a couple weeks ago and I wrote in her birthday card, “Anytime you need anything I will be there for you, no matter what!” I am now going to live up to my words.
When you are 25 you think you are invincible, myself included. Seeing a best friend go through such a horrific incident really sheds some light into your world. Although some are more cliché than others, the following are mantras that I will now live by:
· Don’t take the small things for granted
· Count your blessings
· Move forward with whatever life struggles are thrown your way
· Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Pay It Forward!

I am someone that strives to always help people when I can; yes I fall short at times. However, a big part of my belief system is doing the right thing, even when no one else is doing it.

I am sure you can imagine all the medical and miscellaneous costs that this will fall on both her and her family, during this time. That is why I am asking for any kind of donation you can give in order to help her achieve a full recovery.
When I first went to visit Franca, the nurse noted that, “Franca was the biggest miracle in the hospital that day!” Clearly, my best friend’s mission in life is not yet complete and whatever that mission might be I and many others want to help her meet it.
The link provided below will take you to my friend’s website where you can donate to her cause. Who you are and the amount you give can all be done anonymously or any combination of the two. For instance the following scenarios are feasible:
Anonymous Contributor/ Anonymous Amount Anonymous Contributor/ Visible Amount
Visible Contributor/Anonymous Amount Visible Contributor/Visible Amount

At any rate, I appreciate you reading my request. Not only does Franca need contributions but also needs the following:
· Prayers
· Positive Energy
· People coming to visit!

I think it would be an amazing applaud to society to give to someone whom you don't know directly; thus proving that people are kind, giving and care about the general welfare of those around them.
Thank you from the kindness in my heart.
Please feel free to forward this on to as many people as you can J
Christy Norman
Franca’s Website: http://www.indiegogo.com/francapasquale