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08-28-2012, 09:43 AM
I have been a member for almost two months and have enjoyed all posts and pictures. They have been very helpful in helping me redo a friends 1985 S & S. His family purchased the boat new in 1985 when we were in 4th grade. I was with him at the lake the first weekend they got it so I feel like it is mine. I am fortunate enough to use the boat whenever I want so I maintain it as well.

This past Saturday I replaced the fuel line and put in a new fuel/water filter. Cranked up on trailer with water bucket at my business. Several times during the day I would crank up with no problems. On the way home stopped and filled up with gas. Parked level in driveway overnight and got up Sunday morning to go for a run by myself. From my business to home is 15 miles and from home to lake is 2 miles. Put boat in water and she started up perfectly. Idled out of no wake zone and she cut off still at idle. Would not crank back up. Emergency tool box in truck (stupid me) so I paddled back in to ramp with a ski. I was a little upset so put back on trailer and went back home. After sitting at home for hour took fuel line off carb, turned engine over, fuel comes out line and engine starts! Put fuel line back on and restarted with no problems. Spent the next three hours starting, running, stopping on trailer with water bucket without any issues. Go back to lake, would not start on trailer. Take fuel line off, turn over engine, starts up and fuel out of fuel line. Put fuel line back on carb and starts up no problem. Skied with no problems for the next three hours. Cut off start up no problems while out on water.

The fuel line I replaced with was 5/16". This is what I measured the ID of the old line to be. Also, the parts store I use did not have any fuel line with the same OD as the old line so I just used regular fuel line. I did purchase the kind that is supposed to be ethanol resistant. I assume now the the larger OD on the old line was for some kind of insulation? After reading some more posts, should I have used 3/8" fuel line and should I get some with the same OD as the old for insulation properties? Is there a chance I was getting vapor lock (for lack of another term to use)? When it would not crank at the lake the second time out, I did undo the fuel cap in case the fuel tank was not "breathing" and it still would not crank. I have not checked the fuel tank vent line yet.

I thought I might have some carb issue but we rebuilt carb at the end of June and have had zero problems until this past weekend when I replaced the fuel line so I am thinking I may need a 3/8" ID fuel line with the thicker OD?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

08-28-2012, 03:39 PM
Sounds like a strange problem that is coming and going.

Skidim is your friend:


I did my entire main feed line from tank to filter last winter with the skidim product and had no issues, it was replaced for preventative maintenance.

08-28-2012, 04:12 PM
You probably knocked some crud loose and it got into the carb and is getting stuck in the needle and seat causing your carb to flood. Pull the primary fuel bowl and clean out the needle and seat, get a new gasket, and that should fix it. You could check first if there is fuel leaking out into the carb when it won't start, but trying to replicate that problem can be difficult.

08-30-2012, 10:28 AM
Thank you for the responses. Ordered Marine fuel line from Skidim and will recheck carb.