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08-27-2012, 12:36 PM
Well...I thought I had fixed everything but apparently not. 2002 205V. I won't go through the entire story of whate I've done, but so far I've replaced the fuel pump relay, wiring connector to the fuel pump, and the pump itself (thanks to this site)! I thought I had everything running perfect. It fired right up every time in the driveway without fail. Took it camping this past weeked and I am still getting intermittent starting problems. Usually, if I waited 5-10 minutes it would start back up. On the final day it was dead and I still had to drive it a ways to get to the dock. The only way I could get it going was a quick fix of wiring 12V directly to the wiring harness...plug in harness...pump starts running...start engine. We made it back to the dock, uplugged harness, and all was good.

So what I found was when the pump would not prime that the connector to the top of the fuel pump was only getting 10.6 volts (for the 3-4 second primiing cycle). I assume this wasn't enough to operate the pump. I'm not sure what could be causing this. I checked the grounds to the battery and engine block...all looked and felt good.

Does anyone know where the signal comes from? Could this be an ECU problem?

I'm tempted right now just to wire a separate relay to the pump and to one of the unused switches on the dash...just to make sure we don't get stranded 5 miles up the river. Anyone see any issues with doing this...besides having to remember to turn the switch on and off? I will eventually get if fixed the correct way, but I don't want to have the boat sitting in the garage for that last few weeks of the season while I'm pulling my hair out.:confused:

08-27-2012, 01:04 PM
90's Indmar with the external fuel pump right?
WOrks fine when cold, but not when the engine is heat soaked?
DOes it die while running, or just not re-start after shutting off?
I had a similar problem with my '96 190. Fuel pump relay was not getting the signal from the ECM once the ECM was heat soaked due to circuitry short in the fuel pump driver INside the ECM.
It would always start cold and as the engine bay got progressively hotter, the problem would get worse, up to 20+ min no start then run for a few min and die again.
After a whole bunch of troubleshooting by myself and the dealer, it took sending the ECM to Indmar to find the root of the problem.
I think a quick check for the problem I described would be to ice down the ecm and cool it off right when it dies and see if that brings it back to life quicker than waiting the time period you have been.
I see no problem "jerry rigging" the fuel pump to get thru the season as you've described as long as you're the only one running the boat. COuld see that getting confusing for others, having to manually operate the fp.

08-27-2012, 01:12 PM
It's a 2002 205V with the LTR and the Carter(now Airtex) in-tank fuel pump. I also thought it might be a heat issue, but after it sat all night in the cove it wouldn't start that next morning.