View Full Version : Bimini for 07 X1

08-20-2012, 08:14 AM
So we are thinking about adding a bimini to our 07 X1. Judging from the pictures that I've seen, the factory bimini for the X1 is rather small. I've also heard they are very expensive. I like the factory bimini since it will mount to the tower without straps, so it looks OEM.

Instead of the factory one, I've looked at these two.



Two reasons for moving away from the factory bimini. The height of the factory bimini looks like it is below the speakers, which is a problem since I'm 6'1. The other reason is sun blockage area for the price. The MC bimini just looks small and I'm not sure what it would protect. These over the tower biminis look like they would protect the entire back seating section of the boat.

I'm just having a tough time picturing the over the tower bimini on the 07 tower! If anyone has any thoughts, post them up!