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08-16-2012, 10:15 PM
Thanks for all the information everyone has shared in these forums. Itís very helpful.

Iím having some difficulty with the ballast pump shutoff timers in my 2009 X2. Iíve purchased some additional bags that Iím hoping to fill via piggy back with my existing ballasts; however, I canít get them filled because the ballast pump keeps shutting off (after 6 min). Iím hoping someone can shed some light on what Iím doing wrong. So far, Iíve discussed my issues with a dealer and with the guys at WakeMakers.com, but no one could help.

The process Iíve been following to extend the fill time on the Jabsco pumps, based on instructions Iíve received from both my dealer and WakeMakers:

1. Disconnect the pumps from power (unplug right next to the pumps)
2. Cut power to the boat at the battery (on my X2, there is a switch)
3. Turn power back on.
4. Immediately start toggling ballast switch (fill Ė off Ė drain Ė off Ė fill Ė off Ė drainÖ etc)
5. Once Iíve entered the program mode (as indicated by blinking lights on switch), add time to the pump by toggling between fill and off position.
6. Ballast switch will blink for every 30 seconds of fill time.
7. Once the timing has been increased to the desired level, return the switch to the off position, and let it set for 30 seconds.
8. Reconnect power to pumps.

This is the basic process I have followed. In each case, I am able to enter the program mode and add time. In each case, Iíve been able to change the number of ďblinksĒ (30 seconds of fill for each blink) from 7-8 blinks up to 36 blinks, which should be the maximum. Once the fill time has been increased in the program mode, I return the switch to the off position, and let it sit for 30 seconds to make sure the setting is applied. Then, I reconnect the pump.
Here is my problem. I canít get the updated fill time to ďstickĒ. Once Iím back out on the water, my fill time has returned to a standard six minutes, which wonít fill my bags.

Iíve experimented with this a number of different ways, and on one occasion, the changes in program mode actually applied to my Starboard ballast, and I was able to fill that bag all the way up. However, when I re-entered program mode later to try to get the KGB and Port ballast reprogrammed, it reset the Starboard back to what it was before!

So basically Iím pulling my hair out. Does anyone out there know how to make the changes achieved in the programming mode ďstickĒ? How does the Active Intelligence Box save those settings? Iíve reviewed instructions from both WakeMakers and my dealer, and the instructions end after adding time in the program mode. What is the next step?

If anyone could shed some light, it would be awesome. Iíve been working on this since May! Thanks

08-16-2012, 10:22 PM
enough said!!!


can't wait to get my timers taken care of!