View Full Version : 2000 X-Star Ballast System

08-15-2012, 10:33 AM
Hey guys, Iím starting to get a game plan together for one of the winter projects install a ballast system. The boat has the factory KGB ballast and i bought two 750's for the rear lockers that we have been filling and draining with the fligh high tsunami pump. I would like to the pumps, switches, ect. For the two rear bags and the integrated bow bag (that i will get in the future). I would also like to move the switch for the KGB so that all the ballast switches will be together. Does anyone have any links to forums where they have discussed there projects or photos/diagrams/materials list of their projects? Below is a list of some of the things Iíve been thinking about:

-Will most likely go with the Tsunami 1200 GPH Pumps
-I like the idea of using a check valve vs the vented loop
-I'm thinking put one 1 1/2" through hull intake and using a manifold vs 3 smaller through hulls intakes (cross section area of 3/4" intake is .44 in^2, cross section area of 1.5" intake is 1.77 in^2. 1.77/.44=4, therefore 4 3/4" intakes should equal 1 1.5" intake)
-planning to tie the drain and vent lines together to only have one through hull outlet (will use a check valve on the vent so Iím not getting water back in the bag while trying to empty it.)
-1" or 3/4" tubing?
-Where to place switches?
-Good idea to install extra switch and extra slot in manifold just in case I would like to add another later?

Thanks for all the input!