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08-13-2012, 11:16 AM
Proud new MC owner here with New to me 99 sportstar open bow. I need the following added to the boat:
To do ASAP
1.) Bimini shade top (Hot here in Austin texas)
2.) extended pylon (that fits w/ bimini)
3.) Teak oil and elbow grease on swim platform

To do in next 10 months:
new decals (move "mastercraft name more forward on hull it just looks better)
maybe barefoot boom
little upholstery work (one or two tears to mend)
maybe new dash plastics

Main reason I am asking for all your advice and knowledge is i don't want to order a bimini then not like how it looks and functions. I know i will not add a tower, just want an extended "pole" and it must look and work good with my bimini.
Please any pics of your 19' open bow boats with different bimini shades and poles are very helpful. What length and Ht. looks and works best?
Is there any brand or material to stay away from?

I bought this boat to teach young kids how to ski and have fun on water. I coach a 7 and 8yr old baseball team and I want them all to experience more growing up than just sports their parents want them to play. So, with that, i am not sinking a lot of money in an expensive boat just to have Dr Pepper spilled everywhere but need it functioning for us.

Thanks in advance for such a great forum and all the advice I know I will get. I have seen some pics but not exactly what I am looking for. Please help. and Thanks again.

on the pole, from what i read on here, all the major brands work good but if you have a preference on that, let me know too. If you need to email me my address is below:
[email protected]

Jeff H
Austin TX
99 sportstar OB

08-13-2012, 12:48 PM
I would get one of the 5' in the proper width and the shortest height (36" I believe) they make Sunbrella biminis from Overtons. They are quality pieces at a good price. Then once you get the extended pylon have a local shop install a zipper for you. You could also go the custom rout with Johnson Biminis but they are MUCH more money.