View Full Version : 2000 XStar trailer parts needed

08-07-2012, 09:26 PM
Well my calipers have seized up and I need to replace them. Its a 2000 Single axel Xstar trailer. Was wondering if anyone has the correct part number on them

I am also going to replace the bearings and the rest of the guts to the hub as it just hit 12 yrs old. One of the bearings seems to have a grinding noise. I tried to just regrease everything but its got a rough sound and feel for sure. I found some kit numbers in others posts, but those were for a dual axel 99 trailers.

Would you guys recommend just swapping to the oil bath hubs? If so where would I go to find those? Seems dura hub is the place

Also. If I just keep the pads off will that hurt anything for the time being? I know obviously braking will be gone, but I only go a couple blocks every 2 weeks.