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col rhino
07-30-2012, 04:23 PM
1. anyone know what length teleflex steering cable I need for my boat (1994 PS 205)?

2. is there any way to clean, de-grease, re-lube the helm box end of the steering?

3. if a replacement cable is needed, is it the rotary style cable? looks like it to me?

4. is the rack and pinion steering setup better than the rotary style?


col rhino
08-01-2012, 09:25 AM
So I put my boat in the water last week, first time all year....yeah, I know...but family and work and military obligations kept me busy, etc, etc.... anyways, the steering was incredibly stiff, 700 hrs on the boat, never had this problem before. Have always done an inspection/functionality check/service when needed, at least annually. Pulled up the floor boards, inspected rudder assy, support tube, swivel ball assy on the support tube, connections at the helm for tightness, etc.... found nothing. Can't find any markings on the {teleflex??} steering cable, anywhere, that's the premise for question number 1 in my previous post; discovered gummy, semi-sticky grease in helm box, that's the premise for question number 2; I have determined that it IS a rotary style after my inspection of the helm (question #3), and I was wondering if I had to replace the whole setup, would it be better to change to a rack and pinion steering (question 4).

Well, I pulled the steering cable partly out of the helm box, and cleaned the spirals on the cable with some penetrating oil and an old toothbrush, squirted the penetrating oil inside the helm as best I could, and rotated the heck out of the wheel to work it into there as best I could. I then re-lubed the rudder via the zerk fitting, using a waterproof blue marine grease, and checked for play. It seems to have loosened up quite a bit, but still not the one-finger turning that I used to enjoy on the boat.

What is the consensus here, do I go with this for the remainder of the year (through Oct here in GA), and then replace the cable? If so, does ANYBODY know the correct length of cable that I need? I hate to pull the old cable out w/o having a snake line on it, and I don't want to down my boat unnecessarily..... any suggestions/observations/comments out there?? Thanks again....

08-01-2012, 09:43 AM

08-01-2012, 09:59 AM
I don't know the length, I suggest you call your local MC dealer or Skidim www.skidim.com and they will tell you what you need. I installed a new cable a year ago and it made a huge difference.

08-02-2012, 09:52 AM
That cable needs to be replaced. 20 years out of a cable is pretty good. I'd call a MC dealer and have them tell you what cable you need. IIRC, a cable is less than about $300. It isn't hard to replace. The PIA part is pulling up the floor and routing the new cable through. They don't flex much. When I did mine, I duct taped the new cable to the old cable at the rudder, that I pulled the old cable through the bow seat opening in front of the helm to feed the new cable through. It is about an hour or two job.