View Full Version : Transmission installed - questions

07-24-2012, 08:45 PM
I just finished installing used Velvet Drive 71C 1:1 in my '79 SNS 351W along with new hoses, cooler & NSS. Filled with 2 quarts of DexIV since I drained all the old fluid when trans was on bench and started boat. When I put it in gear (fwd or rev) the shaft moves left; slowly. Idled it for a while and still just moves left very slowly. I thought I had cooler lines reversed so switched them and no fluid in tubes along with no better results when idling.

Is there a trick to getting the fluid pumping through system or filling a trans for the first time? Have put many hours into this job and would rather not find out I bought a bad trans. Guy who sold me trans said it was in good working condition.

Thank you.