View Full Version : 03-11 Xstar RPM/Prop benchmarking

07-24-2012, 02:51 PM
Hey guys –
Looking to get some benchmarks on what RPM’s you turn with different speed/props/weight setups for star’s with the MCX. Since all we do is wakeboard on the small section of river we have here I was thinking about upgrading to the PWT prop (14.75x13) but wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be turning too many RPMs

I currently have the stock 14.25x14:
20mph/Unweighted (pulling the girls) – right about 3k RPMs

23 MPH/Stock KGB-Fly high+350 in walkway (stock rear hardtanks empty) – about 3780 RPMs.

Really interested in what RPMs people are turning with the PWT prop and about 3k of ballast

07-24-2012, 07:28 PM
Once I calibrated my speedometer, the 13 x 14.75 prop with extra cupping gave me:

2000lbs ballast
23 mph = 3600 rpm
35 mph = 4550 rpm

GPH (5.9 to 6.5) is slightly better than with the original 14.25 x 14 prop when wake boarding, but slightly greater GPH if we are cruising.

With about 3500 lbs, 23 MPH is 3900. GPH gets to about 7.3