View Full Version : Anchor Rope and Anchor Buddy

07-22-2012, 11:40 AM
If using an Anchor Buddy, I'd strongly advise you use it in addition to your anchor line instead in lieu of it. Managed to hook a large ez-up /quick shade yesterday. Likely blew into the river from a campground a couple miles up stream. Fought to raise my box anchor for quite a while. Had I only had the Anchor Buddy attached to the anchor, it may well have failed. Finally got it raised and another boat, seeing our troubles, came over and retrieved the ez-up from me. I see now why sea anchors are so effective. Glad I already have a new 1/2" Sampson anchor rope already on its way to replace my basic 7/16 anchor rope. Can't afford to leave Box Anchors on the river bottom.