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07-21-2012, 01:34 PM
Hey folks, need some advice.

I have a 2009 X-14. I need advice on setting adjustments. Current settings are:

Kdw: 60
nn pw: 120
CS: 750

Here is what it is doing.

- With my almost 14 year old (about 120 lbs) on the board, when I set the speed in wakeboard mode at 15 mph it continually goes back and forth between approximately 13 and 17 and never hold steady at a speed. No ballast in tanks. My wife, younger son (around 80 lbs) and me in boat.

- With all of us in boat and not pulling anyone, when set at 15 it swung back and forth between 14 and 16.

- When I switched kids (and added two more small sub 80 pound kids and another 220 pound adult) and reduced the speed setting to 14 miles per hour, the speed swing was a bit broader (between 11 and 17).

On a river lake, but no noticeable current.

Any thoughts or recommendations on which settings to adjust?

Next weekend I will be pulling a boat load of adults.



07-21-2012, 06:24 PM
I did since look at the recommended general settings in the owners manual on the PP website, and it said that the factory default setting is kdw-180, nn -50, and CS-750. Quite a bit different than above on the kdw and nn. Will try that as a start.

07-21-2012, 10:49 PM
That nn setting seems way high. Should be around 60. The nn is te amount of revolutions on the paddle wheel before it hits the adjustment. The higher the number the longer it takes to adjust the speed. The long surges/ speed gaps seem to go hand in hand with the higher nn value.

Think of it like this. The boat starts going slower.......Say speed set at 16mph.......The pp won't make an adjustment til 14 because it is compiling data for a longer period with the nn so high. Now it realizes it needs to kick on. So it gives it some umff and starts sampling. Now again cuz it's sampling so long with the high nn value it realizes that it overshot to 18, and now it slows and cycle repeats itself. Thus the speed gaps and surging.

In combination the kdw value gives it the ummf, It you feel like its holding speed good but the boat seems to lurch the kdw is to high. That 160 also seems high for a kdw value if the boat has no extra ballast. 120 should be good start point. Also rpm mode works better for the lower speeds on some boats. I don't have any experience with the 214 so not sure if the rpm mode is te way to go.