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Dr Mitch
07-19-2012, 10:43 PM
I have a '91 tristar with a 351 Imdmar.
Last week running great, teaching kids how to ski and wakeboard. 8 year old now behind boat (have boom arm too). Big wake and when turning to pick him up pretty sure got water in tank, boat sputtered and stalled couldn't restart.
Got towed in by a Malibu :(
Checked tank, no water noted, checked fuel filters and water/fuel separator seemed fine was able to restart it.
Angled fuel vent back and ordered longer line to create more of a loop in vent line.
Today after going through big waves for pick up stalled just as I got to dock, limped part way home. Tried restarting a bunch, nothing.
Fuel gauge = 1/4
It lied, was bone dry...
Added some fuel, but now won't start.
Recharged battery a bit.
When I check the fuel injectors in the Holley carb fuel sputters in.
Guessing I now have a burned out fuel pump though.
What is best way to check this?

Also noticed a bit of water leaking in the "thingy" the exhaust risers feed into.


Plan is to take it in tomorrow, get full service while in.
Was going to wait till end of season for new plugs and filters but maybe best to do it now.

07-19-2012, 10:58 PM
There are smarter people than me on here but if you ran it bone dry it could take a while of cranking it over to get enough fuel in the bowl for it to start. At the begining of the season I went to start mine and it took so long for me to even get it to sound like it wanted to start I was pulling the kill switch to by pass (PO had already done that) checking spark, fuel, etc. I was conviced it wasn't going to start but there was no reason it shouldn't so I kept turning it over for 10 seconds at a time and resting for 15 or 30 seconds then finally once it want to fire it started right up the second or third try.
Probably took a total of 20 minutes total time with resting and checking stuff etc to get it to start. If you really ran it that dry you may need to make sure the bowls have fuel. Try shooting a littel starter fluid in the carb and see if it wants to start.

also you could have sucked something off the bottom of the tank have you checked your filters for crud?

I don't think older boats like ours with the manuel (Not Electric) fuel pumps have the same problems with going out as the newer boats.

Good Luck

Dr Mitch
07-20-2012, 08:36 AM
Started it up - just took a little time for fuel to get to the carb.

But still have a bit of water leaking from the tank behind the exhaust risers.
Looks like it has been repaired a few times with fiberglass etc.
Maybe just a quick patch is all it needs.

Well boats back to normal and I managed to fix the fuel gauge!

Lake is calm, gotta go!