View Full Version : Dead Perfect Pass 2006 X-2 here's the cause

07-09-2012, 07:13 PM
I finally dropped the boat in this last weekend. After the second or third start my Perfect Pass gauge was dead. I got behind the dash and noticed that the heater had been pushed very tightly up against the bottom of the brain box for the Perfect Pass when it was installed. This forced the wires in two harnesses that plug into the brain to make an immediate 90 degree turn. The wire looms were so tight against the heater box that I couldn't get them unplugged without unscrewing the brain from the back of the dash. I noticed that a couple of the wires on the harness that connects to the gauge had worn though to the wire. I called Perfect Pass this morning and received help bench testing the unit by powering it from another pair of wires in an unused loom. Jumped it to the battery in my truck and the gauge fired right up with a beep. I ordered a new harness from Perfect Pass so it's going to be a relatively cheap fix for a problem created by a poor location choice during the manufacture of the boat. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a way to bench test these out of the boat that is pretty simple. I didn't want to lose one of the most important options on my boat "the marriage saver" ...