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07-08-2012, 01:49 PM
1992 prostar 205

I have started taking the boat out now that I have it about 90 percent complete , im trying to work out all the little things to get it back to 100 percent . I use this boat on a private lake , no waves , no other boats , nothing . HERES THE DEAL :: While the boat is underway the console on the drivers side shakes alittle and the guage panel rattles around .. When I go through the turn at the end of the lake and I have to cross over my wake the whole dash and console shake and move like CRAZY.. I would hate to even consider what it would do if I had to cross someones wake that was sacked out .. It would make the whole dash come clean apart ...

Ok , so I know what most of u are gonna ask , so YES I have tightened the support bars under the console as tight as they will go .. I have tightened all the screws that I can find on the console PERIOD . I put new rivets all the way around holding the top half of the boat on and then put new rivets in the new rubrail that I installed . I also fiberglassed the guage panel back together with new mounting points and sleeves ..WHEN I SAY EVERYTHING , I MEAN EVERYTHING.. I have left nothing on or under this console untouched , its as tight and sound as It ever was from the factory .. I talked to a dealer and he told me he heard people complain about this back in the day and Mastercraft addressed it in the 93 model some and then in the 94 they had it just about fixed . I am guessing since it is a 92 it was kinda the guinee pig of the openbow 205 .. the prostar 190 is connected from side wall to side wall with the dash , when u cut the dash out in the middle for the walk way for the 205 I guess it gave the boat alot of room for the side walls to flex in and out .

Has anyone added extra support bars to keep the console from shaking so much or do I need to sell this thing and move up to a newer model .. IM scared to even attempt to use this thing at a public lake with waves everywhere .. It does ok for where I use it , but I know with the way its shaking , the guage panel and guages will be rattled loose in no time .. Everything on this boat is sound , when I say shaking , I mean shaking from the waves of the water , nothing motor/trans/prop related at all .

Needing some feedback from some other 205 owners .. More 1992 owners than others , but would love to hear from 93 and 94 owners on where and how they have the consoles braced undernieth from the factory .. Pics would be most appreciated . I hate to sell such a beautiful boat that I worked real hard on , but I dont want to fight a dash for years to come .. PLEASE HELP ME NOT SELL MY BOAT !! Sorry for long post

east tx skier
07-08-2012, 01:59 PM
My 93 would shake some, but not earthquake style. Have you tightened all of the windshield bolts? One person topside with a screwdriver to hold the boats and another underneath to tighten the nuts. Might help a bit.

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East Tx Skier :: As for the windshield , I have just re-installed it after having all parts powder coated and replacing all gaskets and seals . It is tight and in place like it should be.This is the first thing that came to my mind also ...

Cloaked ::I have replaced all rivets in the topdeck with new ones along with a new rubrail and it also received new rivets .

I am guessing I need to go the route of epoxy a piece of wood to the side wall and make a brace that comes off of it to the console .. I know there is one there factory , but it isnt doing much . I guess I will have to give it a go and see what happens through trial and error ..Maybe not error , because anything will be better than what it is now ..
I was just out at the boat a minute ago looking at it , and I can grab the side wall just behind the windshield and move it back and forth and when I do the whole drivers console moves back and forth with it ..

Still hoping for more feedback throughout the week b4 I tear into it , I will post pics of the brace that is there from the factory and hope to get some input from u guys on where I should put the new brace so that its out of sight and mind and still does the job .. Thanks for the help so far

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Thanks for the help Cloaked . I have done all but what u have suggested , so that will be the next step . I thought about the angle iron and not the flat bar also .. It has the flat bar in it now from the factory and it seems to flex alittle when I yank on the sidewall of the boat . I really do like this boat and its growing on me day by day .. I came from an I/O and have been around lots of inboards , but never owned one until now .. I had bought the boat to originaly flip , but it looks like its gonna stay here if I can get this thing braced enough . I have a OCD thing going on and if it isnt perfect im kinda not into keeping it . I dont like stuff breaking on me while im out trying to have fun !! I will get to work and keep ya updated ....

If anyone else reads this and u've fixed this b4 , speak up b4 I go to cuttin carpet ..

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Jeff Lyman
07-08-2012, 09:40 PM
My 93 205 prostar has alot of flexing in rough waters and noticable when turning over my own wakes in the dash area. I feel its normal and think yours may be to. Does your center windshield open and close ok without binidng? If so I bet your ok. Ive run my boat in 2 to 3 foot seas and the dash is still there. I have twice in 6 years tightend the srews holding the alluminum flat stock braces under the carpet infact it wasnt even conected for a couple years. I agree with other get the carpet and stuff out of it grab a light and go for a ride with someone else driving. Theres a slight possiblity of a structural fiberglass crack but I would guess you would see signs of it on the outside.

Just use it and have fun its a MASTERCRAFT !!!