View Full Version : Engine problems after new distributer/tune up

07-08-2012, 01:28 PM
Hello all - Just did a host of work to my 1990 Prostar 190 351w with 1.5:1 velv. Just replaced the old points dist. with a new electric ign. Also replaced my coil, plugs and plug wires, and a new 4 blade prop to top it off.

Here is what happened, After all the work was complete, I hooked a hose up to run it in the driveway to make sure it ran well. Everything seemed great. Started right up, got the timing perfect with a timing light, let it get up to temp, ran as good as it ever has.

I dropped it in the water the next day, started up perfect, let it warm up for about 2 min. As soon as I put it into gear, I had a slight and consistant clanking/pop/ticking noise, not loud, but noticeable. After about 30 seconds of slowly moving along at minimum throttle, the engine died and would not start again. It turns over and but dies immidietly instead of settleing to an idle.

Ive heard that if you mess up the firing order or other aspect of a disributer install, it can seem ok in neutral but will go screwy under load. Is that what could be going on?

Several possibilities ran through my head. I did just change the trans fluid, but I was very careful to use the correct fluid and only put in the exact amount I pulled out. Could I have messed up the prop or the shaft with the new prop install? I spun the prop shaft by hand after the incident, so I know the shaft is not siezed up, and that wouldn't really explain the engine not starting. I feel like the only likley thing I could have screwed up was the new distributer and wiring. But why would it run so well while not in gear?

Anybody have any ideas before I give up and take it to the shop?

Thanks in advance, you are all always very helpful - Scott