View Full Version : Engine dying at any speed :(

07-07-2012, 10:51 PM
'03 X30 with LQ9 engine.

Situation: Boat cold starts fine. May get 5-10 minutes running time at any speed. Then engine dies. Just like key is turned off. Will not crank right after it dies. Will wait 5 minutes or so and then it cranks. But after 5-10 minutes the dang thing dies again.

1) Temp gauge and fuel gauge sill read when engine dies. So not a total power loss.
2) Battery reads 12.5 volts when I tested it at engine off. Turn key to on without starting and voltage drops to around 12.3.
3) Replaced fuel pump last year.
4) If I raise the engine compartment, it will run. Have only done this cruising at idle since I don't want wind to mess the compartment.
5) Fuel tank is full. Have not let it get under 1/2 tank this summer.
6) Took off air filter and it is clean.
7) Engine temp gauge is right at 160 degrees. Maybe a bit over. has been brutally hot lately.

At my wits end trying to determine if I have an air, fuel, or electrical issue. Any suggestions?

PS - on my engine, where would the ect sensor to ecm be located?