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07-07-2012, 08:41 PM
I have a chance to pick up a 2011 Ronix Ibex really cheap for my 13 year old. He'd be graduating from a Hyperlite State, so this would be his first true performance board. The board is clearly above his current skill level as he still only does one wake jumps and won't go switch foot. My only concern is whether this board is too far above his skill level that it makes it less enjoyable for him or forms bad habits. My thought is that compared with the State, the Ibex will force him to rely more on his edging skills instead of the center fin training wheel. I'm looking at the Ibex only because I can get such an incredible deal on it, plus I ride an 07 or 08 Ibex and am familiar and happy with it.


07-07-2012, 09:13 PM
I never ridden the Ibex but it doesn't hurt for a beginner to ride an advanced board just as long as it the proper size

07-07-2012, 11:24 PM
The Ibex is definitely unique. Coming from the date he is going to notice a big difference in the edging and kick off te wake. The ibex is very quick edge to edge and explodes off the wake. It doesn't really punish you if you are landing or taking off in the wrong position like the old hyper lite parks board did. If you were talking that board I would highly advise against it. However the wider profile on the Ibex is stable and it doesnt have very sharp rails meaning the catch if the board skips from under you.

It will take some getting used to and a different style of riding to get the most out of the board coming off the state, but he can manage and it will be a great board to progress with.

These days even the midline boards are awesome and ride great. You are paying for new construction materials which lead to lighter more durable boards for rails and obstacles. The carbon stringers and what not giving the board more snap, but the overall shapes and basics are still the same throughout. 3 stages give you the biggest pop, but can be inconsistent with bad technique, continuous boards are smooth and predictable. Hybrid rockers give you some of both. Kind of all depends on what you like and are comfortable with.