View Full Version : Perfect Pass Paddlewheel Speed vs. RPM Speed

07-05-2012, 01:59 PM
I'm trying to get the PP dialed in on my sister's boat and discovered that she actually got the paddlewheel installed in her 6.5ng system as well. Pretty cool at slow speeds but what I'm having a difficult time doing is calibrating the Slalom section when the paddlewheel is plugged into the master module.

Basically, if I have the paddlewheel plugged in and set it at 20 mph, it does a good job holding it (gps verified). But when I switch over to a slalom setting to 32 mph, the PP gauge reads about 26 mph and the gps says around 30 mph.

If I unplug the paddlewheel and then make another run at 32 mph slalom, I get 32 mph at GPS speed.

I've gone in and done a quick calibrate to each slalom speed and adjusted the rpms to match the GPS readings. Pretty much perfect for skiing.

It just when the paddlewheel is plugged in that things get messed up a little.

Any thoughts would be appreciated before I call PP......

07-05-2012, 02:07 PM
My system does the same thing. When running in trick or wakeboard mode, the paddle wheel is the main driver. In slalom mode, the RPMs are controlling the system and the "speed" reading from the paddle wheel is information only...and on mine, always inaccurate.

You can download the manual and troubleshooting guide from perfect pass, but my experience has been it's a headache to get t set, and it's informational only.