View Full Version : 06 X45 8.1l. Perfect Pass Settings

06-21-2012, 02:01 AM
Here is what the manual states for stating perfect pass.

KDW (Throttle Pull Rate) KDW can be changed using up or down keys. The higher the value, the more aggressive the control. Heavy boats may need higher values. Factory setting is about 80. Normal range is 80 200.

NN (Paddle wheel Filter Factor) NN is set at about 120. The higher the value the more filtering is done. If you feel you boat is surging a little too much, raise value by 20 or 30. If you feel the speed is slowly drifting around too much, try a lower value to tighten control.

CS (Control Setting) - This value affects how well your system engages. See Section 5, Page 6 for details. "CS is a control parameter for the Wakeboard speed based modes. This adjustable parameter allows you to tune the engagement of the system so it is ideal for your boat. Heavily weighted boats may need a higher CS to engage and control properly. Factory value on WakeboardPro is about 735."

My questions are. What is the difference between KDW and NN? Anyone with same boat and engine as me...what r your settings? I set speed at 20 and it fluctuates bw 22 - 16 takes forever to settle in....which parameter should I change?