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06-20-2012, 03:24 PM
Hey guys I need some input, I'm at wits end on this no nothing in my 2001 X-Star dash.

What are all the synarials that make the dash power up? I'm not getting the (gauge rattle) upon turn key.

This is all I've done so far, I do have power to the leads under dash both + & -
Battery is good,

ALL Engine grounds and power leads are cleaned (and I mean cleaned)

I took the ground bus block out from under dash and cleaned and even put new ends on ALL the ground wires.

I by passed the engine cut off (red lynyard)

I even by passed the neutral safety switch (Not to stay that way!)

I put new ends on all the starter wires

The main engine plug was iffy so I direct wired all those

I replaced the key switch

Could it be the 50amp circut breaker at engine or the relay?

I'm stopping on the way home to get new baterry cables ( battery to engine) to elminate that synarial.

HERE'S THE KICKER OF IT ALL, I can hop in the sucker and hit the key and it will activate it and start up like nothings wrong, then try it again and.........nothing????? fiddle and fiddle....nothing......Come back the next day... and the damn thing starts, turn it off...hit the key ...nothing

I could not find my elec tester so I'm grabbing the one here at work to see where my volt load drops.

Anything else to look for?? This damn thing has'nt seen water yet this year and I'm getting p.....d

Thanks guys for any input you might have!


06-20-2012, 04:04 PM
Well I was going with the 50 AMP breaker on the motor until the last part where it works sometimes. Now I'm going with the MDC.

Pull the cable off the MDC and see what the connections look like. Take some contact cleaner with you and some dielectric grease. Clean everything up and then lightly coat with the grease. Your gauges are all controlled by the MDC. They sometimes get wet and will fry out. Other times you can dry them out and they're fine. You may also want to pull the MDC out for all this. It will give you a chance to look it over real good to see if any water may have gotten into it.

06-20-2012, 04:09 PM
I would not think it's the circut breaker unless you are resetting it each time. If it went bad, it most likely would not work at all, but you could bypass it just to confirm (dont leave it bypassed). The fact you are not getting any "gauge rattle" suggests you dont have any power. When it does start do the gauges work? If your gauges work when it does start, I guessing you have loose connection somehere and the nightmare of tracing wires and checking every connection is next. Do you have mutiple batteries on an A & B switch? If so, check that. Also some have inline fuses that you might try cleaning the connections, but the fuse should not be blown or it would never start.

I have an 09 that would start and run but no instruments or gauges after sitting all winter but cleaning and tightening all the connections fixed it...

06-20-2012, 08:18 PM

Thanks guys But It was the...........Ignition breaker under dash!

I fiddled with that a multible times but never with the key on, Got the (gauge rattle...YES...found it)
Took it out and as you turned it in different positions it would activate and deactivate! (wierd) tap on it and it would have no rhime or reason on what it did.
I just replaced ALL those breakers under there 2 summers ago.

As far as cleaning all the contacts( spray and wire grease)...Did it during all this, The MDC I take out every winter so it won't freeze.. This had me stumped big time.

OH Well, I gots me some pretty new battery cables now
and new clean grounds and wire ends and starter contacts and no loose plugs and and and....
Should be good to go for a couple years now!

Time to hit the lake! I'll be the guy with the BIG Mastercraft Smile again:steering:

Thanks again for your time.

06-20-2012, 09:43 PM