View Full Version : LTR temp question

06-20-2012, 09:53 AM
so prior to the start of the season i replaced the thermostat on my 02 LTR. it was the original and i guess in florida the PO had no need for anything but a failed open thermostat. the new one worked fine and the gauge read dead on 160 degrees for about 2 months. now it reads 120 degrees when it should be fully warmed up. if it idles or i shut it off and restart after a few minutes, it will go up to 140 degrees, but once underway it drops back to 120 degrees.

my first thought is that with 87 degree water, that if the motor is working hard the thermostat should be fully open and it would be impossible for the 120 degrees to be accurate. is this assumption correct?

i'd like to pull the thermostat to check or replace it, can this be done in the water? do i have to clamp off any lines?

i bought a temperature sending unit off of skidim and i can't find one on my motor. can anyone tell me where its located?