View Full Version : Where to buy temp sending unit?

06-18-2012, 01:32 PM
Well took the boat out this weekend and my temp gauge is not reading correctly at all. At first it seemed to be right but slowly started to creep up and up, so I shut the engine down and the gauge didn't move, checked the engine didn't seem to be abnormally hot, so I started it back up and the gauge started to go up from 170-180 where it started all the way past 240 so I shut it down again and checked the engine again....well this went on three or four more times until I finally just let it run and watched the engine for about 45-1 hour. Noticed nothing was wrong with the temp just the gauge. So where should I start the gauge or the sending unit or maybe both? And where is a good place to get parts online or dealer??

06-18-2012, 02:03 PM
NAPA for the sending unit.