View Full Version : 2000 Dorsey Trailer Spindle Size

06-15-2012, 12:41 PM
I recently bought a 2000 X-star with a tandom axle dorsey trailer and would like to get a spare hub kit but don't know what size to get. Any Thoughts? Thanks!

east tx skier
06-15-2012, 12:45 PM
Great trailer. Not sure what size they used on yours though. Might be different from mine even assuming I knew exactly what part you were talking about.

06-15-2012, 12:48 PM
The hub kit includes the hub, bearings, seal and bearing buddy.

east tx skier
06-15-2012, 02:19 PM
To the extent that the Dorsey Ski Boat trailers were standardized, I'd suggest contacting Buxton Marine in Dallas or Ski N Sports in Tyler. They both used Dorsey trailers for their boats for years and could probably give you a good answer.

For what it's worth, the OD of the bearing buddy on my Dorsey is 2 3/8".