View Full Version : 2011 X-45 Port Side will not fill or drain properly

06-11-2012, 10:07 PM
Ok first I love the plug and play system in the 2011 boats. No Timers Yahoo I thought this was the best idea ever!! The flip of a switch and you could fill the hard tanks or the added soft tanks. All last summer it worked great. We could add 3000lbs of ballast in soft tanks in minutes and the hard tanks took no time to. This year however the ballast tank demons returned and I cannot figure out for the life of me why the port side will not fill at the same rate or hardly at all and will not drain at all. We check the value that moves with the flick of a switch and it appears to be moving to the correct postion and the other two for the starboard and front system act the same way and work properly. We now are using the old reliable Tusami pump to fill and drain the fat sac. Problem is we dont know when the hard tanks are really empty on this side. Anyone have any ideas on why it will not fill or drain the fat sac properly?? We checked the lines they are not crimped or appear to be clogged. We think the system is bleeding in the hard tank and sucking the watrer out of the hard tank but we have no reall proof