View Full Version : We live in Fairfield, CT and ski on Lk Lillinonah

06-11-2012, 11:07 AM
Fun couple in our 30's always looking for a third for skiing on Lake Lillinonah which is 10 mins from Candlewood Lake and 15 mins from Danbury. We ski behind a '79 Stars & Stripes which so far has the best wake I've ever experienced. Always smooth water to be found on the lake and usually not a lot of people; except on the weekends.

We live in Fairfield so we can give you a lift or you can follow us if you're in the Fairfield County area.

Sam & Kristina

06-11-2012, 03:27 PM
Sam and Kristina
We are regulars on Lilly. Black and white 205V with black gen one tower and black bimini.We predominately wakeboard although some slalom and hydrofoil. Was out yesterday and think you met up with our friend jay on his Nautique 2001 up by shepaug?

We are not really the right people to plan for as a third as we are usually filling out our boat but would be happy to jump over and spot anytime. Flag us down and say hello next time on the water