View Full Version : 205v & x9 Bimini ?'s

06-08-2012, 01:15 PM
I am posting up for a friend with a 2001 X9 and he has a zero flex tower.

He found a Bimini top for sale that is for a 2003 205V with zero flex tower.

Will the bimini for the 205v fit on his X9?



06-09-2012, 12:43 AM
On my X9 the bimini is completely attached to the windshield. If that is how the bimini is set up then it should work. As you can see there is a lot of room for a different or larger bimini than the stock setup.

06-09-2012, 11:20 AM
Thank you very much. The Bimini is a windshield mount.

My main concern was width of the frame being too wide or skinny.

So all of the quick disconnect clamps attach to the frame of the windshield?

If drilling into the frame what keeps you from not breaking the glass when the bit goes into the channel? Are the disconnect clamps screwed on or riveted on?

Sorry for the 1k questions.