View Full Version : '05 X10 Overheated, took on water

08-22-2005, 09:06 PM
I was cruising along yesterday on the Colorado River near Needles going about 40 mph. I had been cruising about 20 minutes. The motor began to bog so I slowed down, I noticed an alarm was sounding and the motor was overheating. I shut down the motor. I also noticed that both bilge pumps were cranking out water. I opened the ski locker and notice a ton of water. I quickly unhooked the ballast hose and used it to help empty the bilge.

To make a long story short, the hose that runs between the impeller and the motor came off and flooded the back of the boat. If it hadn't been for the overheating alarm, I probably would've blown the motor, or who knows.

I am upset the hose came off, but, it all worked out. I let the motor cool a while, then connected the hose and all was well.

Just thought I'd share the story in case it happens to someone else.


08-23-2005, 12:48 AM
Anyone who has been around boats for any length of time has seen or done something similar. My own boat overheated last winter with a shredded impeller. I shut it down & we let it cool, but not before it melted the cupholders in the engine cover. Severa months later, a good cleaning of the cooling system & a new impeller & the boat is running fine.
Several years ago we had the raw water pump hose blow off a friend's Larsen in the Pitt River in Vancouver, BC. We dropped anchor & had to work at stopping the boat from going down river. Then got to work on the hose while the bilge pumps worked overtime. At the time we thought it was pretty hairy. Now it's a reminder the check under the engine cover often!!