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06-07-2012, 11:55 PM
Here's the criteria, I've always loved MC boats, envied them on the water, now it's time to own one....

Lake Washington Seattle

I'm a boating novice of late, but I grew up around skiing and boats and love the surfing I've done

Surfing mainly (Priority #1), some wakeboarding and tubing

Want a deeper V if possible to handle larger waves on weekends

Need 12-16 people (12 is fine, 16 would be great frosting on the cake!!)

Must have stock ballasts, or be able to upgrade to a nice surf wake, not a "perfect" surf wake, but I do want a very nice one - large area, nice curl, tall etc

Budget of up to $35K, maybe $40-$45K if it's a killer deal. But, I'd love to stick at $25-30K if at all possible.

I'm all about the good deal, so I'll be patient with my purchase

Options I've liked so far....

2001-2002 MariStar, pretty basic, but low hours (150-300) no perfect pass, no tower, but only $22K - I've seen several in this config

2002-2005 x30 - love the options (ballast, PP, tower etc) but the good deals go FAST, typically $28-$38K. I am leaning in this direction, seems like the right balance of price, deep V and options - what do you think??

2007 x30 - high hours, 750 on an (LY6) but new upholstery provided upon purchase, $40K, but the rest of the boat is really nice plus it seats 16 which is ideal

x15, x25, x45?? XStar??


Also, do any of these models have a "sweet spot" on the years that are good or bad?? Engines to stay away from? I hear the LY6 might take more RPMs and some people don't like them??

Thanks Team Talk

06-08-2012, 12:20 AM
I have a couple comments:

1) I'd be careful about fixating on surfing as your #1 priority. Everyone is different and I may be interjecting my bias, but I personally got a little bored with surfing. I grew up surfing and missed it badly - it was a driving factor of me getting a good boat. After doing it and wakeboarding both for awhile, I began to get bored with it relative to wakeboarding. I'd liken it to a kid with a video game... If the game is too easy, you get bored quickly. Now the only time I break out the surfboard is when I'm too tired to wakeboard or it's too windy and rough.

2) if you are going to surf, there really isnt such a thing as a boat you won't have to add a ton of ballast to if you want a good wave. And no matter what wave you start out with, you'll want it bigger within months. On the other hand, if you really are going to have 12-16 people on board most of the time, you just found your ballast. Fat guys on the surf side, skinny b!tches on the other.

3) if you're that serious about surfing, I'd stay away from the xstar. You can make it surfable, but not as good as several other of the boats you mention. Youd like the 30 and 45. The 15 will be too small if you have that many people. The 25 is too new and unlikely to be in your price range.

4) make perfect pass a requirement or add it aftermarket to whatever you buy. Even if you can learn to control your speed well without it, will your friends or wife? And if it's your boat, you should be most concerned about getting a good pull when it's your turn.

06-08-2012, 11:00 AM
i have an 02 X30 so i can give you a bit of perspective. the first year for the X30 was 2001 and it is the 230VRS which was introduced as the 225VRS in 1998. So this is a dated hull. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but its not as wide as the new boats and the freeboard isn't as deep. it is also only rated for 12. we had 5 adults and 6 kids yesterday and it wasn't too crowded. if you are looking to add tons of ballast, one of the newer hulls with a deeper freeboard might be better. yesterday with a 750 in the rear locker and the stock kgb bag full and positing the aforementioned adults on the surf side, we had a pretty nice surf wave that i could surf no problem with a 5'4" hyperlite board (i'm pretty new at surfing so what I'm saying is the wave was good enough for an unskilled surfer to surf).

for 01 and 02 your motor of choice is the LTR if you are planning on running lots of ballast. in 03 they introduced the MCX to the hull and that ran through 05. 03 had some funky board racks that no one seems to like. 04 may have been the first year of the ZFT3. i don't know if the newer tower offers the swivel racks with the clamps, but that would be a big plus. the vinyl is kind of hit and miss for those years. a lot of it depends on how it was maintained. heck, these are 10 year old boats. i had to replace some skins on mine and it really wasn't that bad.

the wakeboard wake with no ballast is fine for me. i'm 41 with a bum knee so i'm out there for fun and exercise. i can load it up and it seems to satisfy my son who is still indestructible and wants to see how high he can jump. i'd make perfect pass a priority. its usually found on the X series but it will be hit and miss with the VRS line.

ours has a trim tab on it like a lot of the newer boats and frankly, i'm surprised more people aren't adding this on to theirs. i use it to help tune the wake for my son and its really helpful when you are just running around to help settle the bow and eliminate porposing. some folks on this forum have added a newer rudder that has more surface area which gives better handling. we are running a high altitude prop which seem adequate but not ideal for what we are running.

as you can imagine, the stock stereo isn't that great. if we keep the boat after this season, my list of upgrades will be more ballast, stereo, better prop, rudder and possibly fresh air exhaust.

good luck and feel free to ask any specific questions, here or through PM.

06-08-2012, 11:12 AM
If you are going to get an X30, make sure it is 06 or newer model. There was a very big hull change in 06 that greatly increases the surf wake.

06-08-2012, 03:34 PM
With a $40k budget and seating for 12 plus good/upgradeable ballast, and great surf capabilities, you're looking pretty much at X30's and X15's, both of which would need to be a very good deal or high hours to get in that price range. Possibly an 05-06 X 45 could be found for that amount.
I'd expand your search area and not hone in on the Pacific Northwest. Seems they all go for a premium up here (as does everything else).

06-09-2012, 12:25 AM
Shoot for 16 people I'd be looking for an x80