View Full Version : Big Thank You to Williams Bros Ski & Sports

06-05-2012, 01:45 PM
No I'm not affiliated, but I just thought they deserved a big shout out for the terrific service they provided. Too many times good service goes unnoticed.

Marissa hooked me up with an awesome deal on a wakeboard setup and her customer service was 2nd to none. This was a HUGE difference from my local dealer and I will definitely be using them for future purchases. I just wish they weren't 2 hours away or I'd have all my maintenance done there as well.

Anyway, I wouldn't hesitate to give them a shout if you guys are in the market for anything.

I'm not going to throw up their link (don't know if that's against rules), but you can find them with a google search. --Located in Shell Knob and Cape Fair Missouri.