View Full Version : Which Oil for 2012 Ilmor MV8 6.0L

06-04-2012, 05:10 PM
Hi guys,
i need some help to find the right oil. I have now 15h and would like to change my Oil. The recommend Oil in the maniual for my 2012 Ilmor MV8 6.0L is:
"ILMOR blended synthetic: SAE Grade 5w30, Viscosity ASTM D445 ACEA Al/Bl, A5/B5; API SM, SL, SJ, EC, CF, CD; ILSAC GF-4 (5 qts. oil change);
no oil additives"
I found the castrol magnatec 5W30 A1 hc-synthese. You think this is the right one?
What is the meaning of hc-synthese? Is it blended synthetic?
Im little bit scared about of filling the wrong one in.

06-04-2012, 07:21 PM
my dealer just changed my oil, with mobil one 5w 30.:cool:

06-05-2012, 09:28 AM
Hi Jibber :) , I've used Liqui Moly Top Tec 4300 5W-30 when changing it matches almost all the oil viscosity norms mentioned in the Ilmor manual...


06-05-2012, 01:00 PM
Thanks Stefan. Ive got it! I have to change it this weekend.