View Full Version : Help 05 xstar check engine

06-03-2012, 08:35 PM
so today i took out the xstar to go surfing. keep in mind it is a new boat to me i have put 3 hours on it myself it had 406 hours, andyway the alarm went off and it said check engine i looked my temp and oil pressure and they are fine and oil levels are fine when i turned it off i checked everything over. started it back up and did it again 5 min later. restarted again after another check and warning never came back went surfing and took about another hour cruz and no problems. The only thing i have noticed strange is when i go to put the tranny in reverse it revs the motor rite before it engages so if you dont know what you are doing it slams into reverse. The boat has the 8.1 anyone have any ideas what it mite be? As i am 4 hours from the nearest trust worthy mastercraft dealer i am hoping someone might have some insight.