View Full Version : 03 X-30 main pwr relays?

06-03-2012, 09:19 AM
Background: I have a factory clarion system.
The boat arrived new with the amp settings and wiring incorrect (dealer not local and went BK months later) - I fixed that years back and around four years ago or so the main amp just quit. I replaced with another clarion unit - all good.

The entire cockpit and sub have stopped working again - oddly the main amp shows power on light with the boat and stereo off. Sub AMP behave correctly and the stereo inputs have signal (main cabin being on the fade and tower speakers being the "front" side of the fade)

So I am hoping I do not have a dead amp but some sort for low power feed on a failed relay somewhere-- can not find the relays -- any thoughts?


06-03-2012, 04:55 PM
Update - if I pull main power from the AMP (clarion 490M) the light goes off - of course. When I reconnect power the light stays off and the unit plays through all speakers when i bring up the stereo- when I turn off the stereo (and the boat at the key) the light stays on and I am back to no sound on the next power cycle.

Also this 490 Amp is powering the sub and four cockpit speakers and their satellites - there is a separate amp with RCA feeds for the four tower speakers.

Final Update -- it looks like the AMP is not responding to the remote "OFF' - I have everything disconnected from the AMP but Power and Ground. The signal is bridged to the second AMP which is turning off.