View Full Version : forsale 351 marine "core engine" $100.00

05-29-2012, 11:26 PM
for sale 351 ford marine "core engine" out of my 1982 Mastercraft. Previous owner stated that they had just rebuilt the engine....took the boat out....forgot to put the drain plug in....got water in the engine....and then let it sit....

engine does not turn. Took one of the heads off, water had gotten in the cylinders.

engine does look like a recient rebuild though...very clean inside....

I put another rebuilt engine in the boat (because I had access to one)...transfered all the external stuff off this engine.

Made it really easy with the new and old engines side by side.

You could rebuild this engine, yank your old one...and transfer all the stuff....you would not have your boat torn apart for long...


Don't really want to ship.
Please local pick up only

bill 408-482-6369
San Francisco bay area Californa (sunnyvale)