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05-29-2012, 05:51 AM
We are ready to update our ballast and are looking for some advise on a multitude of points. Our plan is to keep the stock klb, use an extra bag in the bow with portable tsunami pump and install 2 x 750 in rear lockers. I have picked up a used electronic manifold from a hippopotamus system.
1) Stock ballast is the KLB only. The check valve has failed so once filled that bag would always re fill by siphon until the boat was removed from the water. Since the check valve slows down gpm considerably, is there a way to mange the ballast without check valves?
2) Wife threw out the klb bag by mistake - long story - I have other bags but valves are in the wrong location. Can I put on my own valves or any idea where to get that klb bag?
3) Pumps are standard bilge type pumps. I assume these should be upgraded? Suggestions?
4) For rear locker i see the pro x series 750's but these have the quick release system. How do these get hard plumbed? Should I look at other bags?
5) Do I run off of one intake and existing drian fittings or will I need additional through the hull fittings?

Thanks in advance for all available guidance.

05-31-2012, 07:35 PM
The aerator pumps actually pump faster than the reversible pumps. if you upgrade the pumps to Tsunami or Rules. The huge downfall tho is double the plumbing as you need and empty pump and a fill pump. However this is actually an easy upgrade and u just splice in to factory power. .Two aerator pumps are still cheaper than a reversible Johnson or jabsco.

You will always need check valves. They really don't restrict that much. Their placement differs on the bilge style system than the reversible pump system.

Since your rear bags are going to be from scratch u might want to do reversible pumps. Was wiring and less plumbing to add.

As far as the center bag. The only place to get one is custom made directly from fly high as you need the ports on the end. The size is 75 X 12 cylinder. Runs around 400.

Let me know what other questions you have. Do my best to help ya out. Without knowing too much about the manifold I would think you are better off pitching it.

06-01-2012, 08:35 AM
Thanks. i meanwhile located the center bag. KLB is now operational except for the siphon issue. Will correct using a vented loop. For rear the plan is now 2 x 750 with a distribution valve and one jabsco. Will fill / empty via one through the hull and tap into existing vent. Will try that for a season and convert to separate pumps next year if we are not happy. oh and yes, we are chucking the manifold.