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05-24-2012, 11:41 AM
We just bought our Mastercraft Maristar 215 last week and played hard all weekend on 2 ski's and wakeboards. My question is what slalom ski to buy that would suit our needs for this summer. We have a mix of ages, sizes but all of us are athletic. We don't mind trading up to a more advanced ski for next season. Right now I need a ski that will teach us to be able to do deep water starts and have fun without being over challenged. Does anyone have any recommendations? Some of us skied 20 years ago and some of us are only 20 years old and never skied on one ski before.

I'm so pumped and can't wait to get back out on the water. :cool:

05-24-2012, 12:12 PM
You might consider a Connelly Concept. This is a tried and true good all around ski that you can ski easy or hard and it will progress with you. The most challenging issue will be to get something that is the correct size ski and bindings for a mix of skiers. There are probably lots of these in the used market that you could probably pick up for a reasonable price. You might check skiertoskier.com or eBay for some good deals. You may want to check the Connelly website to determine the best size for the skiers you are trying to outfit. Ski length is determined by weight and binding by shoe size. You also need to decide if you want a double boot or a rear toe kick also. Hope that helps.

05-24-2012, 12:44 PM
Different ones out there for sure. I have a handful of different skis depending on each person's ability.

I have a HO Burner which is a wide body ski that is a little more stable getting people up for deep water starts. It's also pretty stable once up. Finally, for the bigger boys, it has more surface area and will also help them get out of the water easier.


Next, for my 13 and 16 year old daughter, we have a Radar Lyric which is a pretty short, light and thinner ski. This one has more stability for them compared to a single ski from a "match pair" of skis. The matched pair of skis are basically for people just starting out on two and dropping one after being up.


The 16 year old just tried Mom's HO Triumph and did like it. She said it turns easier and quicker. I think both will be migrating over to this one eventually but it's currently a little long for both of them. Still though, they are turning better so that's good.


These are just examples as mine are a few years older than all of the above....but they serve their purpose for various ages.

Another thing you might consider is a Barefoot Boom Bar. Great for learning and teaching kids to ski....and also move up from 2 skis to 1 ski.

05-24-2012, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the quick replies. I'll take a look online at these ski's. Also, I didn't even think about the Barefoot Boom Bar. Do I order that from Mastercraft?

05-24-2012, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the quick replies. I'll take a look online at these ski's. Also, I didn't even think about the Barefoot Boom Bar. Do I order that from Mastercraft?

No, that's aftermarket stuff and you could get it from Overtons or some place similar.


"Barefoot International" is pretty much the main one to get. I found one used and really can't believe how much we use it for teaching people. I thought it's just a barefoot bar....but no, it's a great teaching aid too.

I'm not as familiar with your boat so there are a few different types from "BI". Others will probably chime in and help.

What year is your Maristar?

05-24-2012, 01:31 PM
I found a good all round ski is the Radar P Six. Not too harsh for a beginner and still ok for the intermediate. As for bindings Radar has a good variety of boots but my personal favorite is the Vector boot with the ARTP rear toe plate. The toe plate is very comfortable and your foot slips in nice and easy.

Best of all it isn't a real expensive combo.

05-25-2012, 10:04 AM
HO Comp Free ride with attack bindings.. nice easy ski to get up on and enough flex and adjustment to tune it for a novice skier. This Ski carves nice and is forgiving enough to ski behind an X2 and not toss you on your arse... I would go with the better bindings so you can step up to a Coefficient without having to buy new bindings when you get better. If you're not heading for a course I'd go with this ski...it was designed for it...plus my it's could enough to run a course.

I have run this ski at 26 mph and up to 34 mph...plus its shape still gives you the adrenalin rush when you stay on edge from the carve and staying edge flying and accelerating thru the wake before the setup for the next turn... my .02... and by the way its reasonably priced... :D