View Full Version : Surf Wake Generalizations

05-23-2012, 03:43 PM
I know not all boats are created equal and some boats like ballast in different locations, but I was wondering if someone could explain how the speed of the boat effects the surf wake. From what I've gathered in general, weight in the stern on the desired side makes the wave taller and weight in the bow makes the pocket longer at the expense of height. What does the speed do? Thanks.

05-23-2012, 04:44 PM
The faster you go, the longer the face of the wave gets. Just like there is a sweet spot on the wave while your surfing, there is a sweet spot for speed based upon how much weight/ballast is in the boat. If the boat is displacing more water you can set your PerfectPass faster. A faster wave is a lot of fun. Last summer I surfed an X-15 wave with close to 4500lbs of ballast and that was a 12 mph wave, it was awesome!!

Did a little blog last week on ballast. http://theskimonster.com/blog/posts/how-to-wake-surf-ballast-101/