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05-21-2012, 07:01 AM
Went to my first Pro Tour Event. Saw some awesome riding. I will post a nice close picture of the new XStar once I get to my Camera and can post a HQ picture.
Being a course skier and being to multiple Pro Waterski events. This is a very well run event, and I am surprised by the amount of people that showed up to watch. I am amazed at the amount of free swag that was given out. Free tshirts from Overtons, Rockstar, SMG. All the free rockstar you could drink. Stickers galore. I walked out of there at the end with a free case of Rockstar.

As I went to the vendors booths I found two products interesting one is the Hydrafenders.com
Really cool looking fenders. The new orange and green Xstar matched the colors perfectly.

The second product is Broodle noodle at BroodleBrands.com
I picked one up for sitting at the lake. Used it all day sunday I wish I would have bought more now that I had a chance to use it.

05-21-2012, 10:43 AM
X-star pics are a must.....but so are pics of the Rockstar girls! Hope you have some!

I'm going to the Nationals in August near Cinncy. It's the closest event to the northeast, still going to be a long drive! Looking forward to it though.

05-21-2012, 12:16 PM
I'm with you.

We hit our first PWT event last year in Seattle (actually Monroe) and it was fantastic. Free swag, great riders, and easy access to the pros for pics and conversation. Speaking of new products, if anyone is interested in completely hand-made in the USA wakesurfers (http://www.day1wake.com) we will have a booth at the June PWT event in Seattle. So, once you've had a chance to peep the Rockstar girls, come check us out :)

If you won't be at the Seattle PWT event, feel free to drop us a line or check us out at Day1Wake.com.

Here's to a great 2012 Summer and making the most of our MCs!

'06 X45

05-21-2012, 08:25 PM
As requested.
Xstar - Closest I got was when it was parked in front.
Rockstar girls - I really only took 2 pics of them

Broodle noodle/Hydra booth

05-21-2012, 08:52 PM
I think there is a picture of the new 'star in this thread??

05-22-2012, 08:39 AM
I think there is a picture of the new 'star in this thread??

where... I must have missed it. :D

05-23-2012, 08:28 AM
...hot X(XX)-Star(s) :D

05-23-2012, 09:12 AM
Cool to see a new x-star with a zft4 on it. Did they reduce the size of the rear headrests? I think that is a good idea. The high headrests look cool but probably not very practical.

05-24-2012, 06:21 AM
The new Xstar is Sick. I love how they added the colored badge up under the pickle fork(on the hull)
If you guys can make it out the Fort Worth event in 2 weeks do it.
Awesome event