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05-17-2012, 09:39 AM
Hey guys as the title states I have a transmission whine and wanted to get some of your thoughts. I've read most of the threads about the whine and it seems to be normal, however i believe my whine is getting louder than it had been in the past and need to know what it could be. If its the start of a large problem I'd like to fix it now before its worse.

The problem occurs from roughly 500 to 1500 rpm and it also seems to get louder as then engine gets warmer. Again, i have always noticed some transmission whine but it was never this loud before. Aside from winterizing, nothing has been done to the boat from last year to this year.

Boat is an 05 X45, about 245 hours, with the 6.0 and v-drive trans, which has had motor oil in it from the time i got it 2 years ago. What i'm going to check this weekend is the engine air filter, impeller, alternator and engine alignment, trans oil has already been replaced. If all of these things check out okay what do you think the problem could be? Could this be indication of a worn damper plate? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Nate

05-17-2012, 10:40 AM
I have a slight whine at low RPM's, I did find the front motor mount bushing was ripped, so the large washer was sitting directly on the motor mount. No idea if this was causing the whine or how long it was ripped, will let you know if it is any different after this weekend, but do check your rubber bushings, 4 on the back, top and bottom of the mount (near the trany) and 2 on the front. (near the transom) I got the bushing from skidim for like 20 bucks shipped.

It was kinda of a pain to replace. I supportted the trans with a couple blocks of wood and backed out the bolt. (Has one nut, above and below the mount) I think it is 22MM, you will need a shorty wrench or have to cut off a wrench which is what I did. Also, the bolts for all of the engine mounts are metric, go figure, I guess because the trany is Italian. My mount bolts on the adjustment/alignemt bolts are 18MM, I now have a full set of shorty metrics, makes the job much easier. One last thing, I sprayed WD 40 on the slider mounts and used a crow bar to get the engine to shift, if you have to move the rear (front) of the engine it takes a lot of force!

05-18-2012, 09:14 AM
Thanks, I will look at the mounts tomorrow morning. Anyone else have any ideas? I'm really hoping its something easy and not an indication of transmission problems down the road.